An Instant Social Life
30 – 50 amazing activities and adventures every month
All planned and hosted by our professional event coordinators
Hundreds of like-minded members interested in meeting people like you
You simply sign-up, show-up and have fun!
A Place Where You Belong
We're Glad You Found Us
Remember those times in your life where you felt a sense of belonging? As you get older, this can be harder to find. After being with Adventures in Common for just a short time, you’re going to feel like this is the place you belong. You’ll meet friends who share common interests. You’ll bond over activities and conversation. You’ll share experiences and share memories. You’ll make friends . . . some of whom will be there for life.
We Have Members Who Share Your Interests
Extraordinary People Who Want To Meet You 
Our members tend to be educated professionals who simply want a better social life. Sometimes they are just out of a relationship. Some spend too much time at work or work alone. Some just don’t like planning things or find it impossible to get their friends to commit. But what they all have in common is they are typically looking to meet new friends who share similar interests. And although we are not specifically for singles, many of our members are open to dating.
And Activities you might never do on your own
We Plan So You Don't Have To
Our Event Team seeks out the most interesting and fun activities you can think of: Cattle Drives, Rafting the Grand Canyon, Parasailing, Swimming with Sharks, Sliding down the Olympic Bobsled Run, just to name a few. Plus we get lots of ideas from our members. If you can think of it, we can do it . . . and probably will.
With Event Hosts Who Ensure Everybody Has Fun!
It's Like Going to Close Friend's Party
Not only does our Event Team plan amazing events, our Event Hosts are there to make sure you are having a good time. They are there from beginning to end and often suggest things to do together after the event is over.  At the event, and when you're new to the group, the Event Host will introduce you to others and point out things you might have in common, always making sure you feel part of our community.   
And While You're Having Fun . . .
. . . Sometimes Romance Happens
We can't tell you how often we hear people complain about the online dating sites - how frustrating, time-consuming and unfulfilling they are. With Adventures in Common, our members get to know each other slowly and casually in a fun, no-pressure environment. Love blossoms naturally!


Let's Get You Started

Join For Free
Just by registering with Adventures in Common, you're an Associate Member and you can attend dozens of fun events every month, and meet lots of interesting people.  Remember all of our events are hosted by a professional who will introduce you around, so attending events is easy.  Want to bring a friend?  We love guests!  When you sign up for an event, sign them up too.  The more the merrier! 
Upgrade Your Membership and Get Great Benefits
For less than $1 a day you can upgrade to Premier.  Premier Members get discounts off Associate Member event prices, are eligible for early bird discounts, get exclusive events, and can communicate with other members through our online social network.  Upgrade now and your monthly price is guaranteed for life as long as you're a member.  Yet, you can cancel anytime if the club is not right for you. 
C'mon Let's Go!
Once you're a member, look at our calendar, choose some events and prepare to have fun.  We do all the work.  All you have to do is sign-up, show-up and have a great time.  Don't see an activity that you would like to do?  Suggest it to us.  We get lots of our event ideas from our members!  Now you'll never have to worry, "What am I doing this weekend?"