If you are on a month to month paid membership you may downgrade to our free "Associate" membership anytime.  Your paid membership will be good until your next billing date at which time you will not be able to sign up for events and you will not be rebilled.  

Understand that are monthly fee is locked in and good for life as long as you continue as a paid member.  If you downgrade, when you choose to upgrade again, your monthly fee will be whatever the current monthly rate is and you may have to pay an initiation fee if we have implemented one at that time.  

If you are quitting because you are not enjoying the club, and we certainly hope that's not the case, please come talk to us.  Maybe we can figure out how to make your experience better before you quit. To downgrade your membership to the free "Associate" membership, please call us at 415.634.7529 and we'll be happy to take care of you.
When you sign up for an event, we incur costs and sometimes cannot recover those costs if you cancel.  Thus, we have the following events cancellation policy: Exceptions to the Events Cancellation Policy
Some events, such as trips, have more restrictive cancellation policies.  This typically occurs where one of our vendors has a more restrictive cancellation policy.  These will be noted in the event description.