Last Revised On : 24 Mar, 2017
Our Story

My name is Glenn "Croc" Millar. I have an enjoyable life. I certainly can't complain. Every weekend I'm doing something pretty exciting. I've also taken a lot of very cool trips around the world. But I didn't realize how good it was until a friend told me that she had hidden my posts on Facebook. When I asked why, she told me because I was always doing amazingly fun things and it depressed her because she wanted that too, but had no idea how to get it.

That's when I thought: "Why can't everyone have an amazing social life?"

Our goal with Adventures in Common is to give everyone an unbelievable social life – one where our members look forward to the question, “Did you have a good weekend?”

It’s All About You

So what makes a great social life? Amazing activities; a wonderful group of friends to do them with; maybe a special someone to accompany you and go home with afterwards. That shouldn't be that hard.

But we all know it is. At Adventures in Common, our members get to choose from 50-100 events every month. No matter what they like to do, we do it. As our members go on activities, they make friends and meet people to date in the most comfortable and fun way possible: doing activities they love.

After a short-time in our club, our members have a new group of friends and feel a part of a very special community.

Our Team
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